What Next?

What Next? (UFC Fight Night: Manuwa vs Anderson)

Fighters do not always like to think what fights they will be in next after feeling the relief of finishing their last fight. The fight game is neverending, however, and so I list ouf the best outcome for the winners and losers for the UFC event that shook London up.

Arnold Allen:

Arnold Allen is still developing as a fighter and might not be cut out yet for a ranked fighter. However, I did see some fight in him as he was always looking to strike and throw down with his opponent while still looking for the takedown. This reminds me of Gray Maynard who just lost to Ryan Hall in a odd contest. Maynard felt it was not a real fight as Hall was constantly going to the ground to get a submission. If a fight is what Maynard wants then Allen is he guy he is looking for. Allen can also use this fight to push him closer to the rankings and see if he truly deserves the record he has accumulated. Gray Maynard

Makwan Amirkhani:

Makwan Amirkhani needs to get back in the win column again by facing a guy who holds a similar record but has lost in their last fight as well. Luke Sanders is the only guy who comes to mind who held an eleven fight win streak to start off his career before he suffered his first loss at UFC 209: Woodley vs Thompson 2 to Iuri Alcantara this past month. It will be interesting to see the to styles matchup and see who could bounce back from a loss to secure a win. Luke Sanders

Marlon Vera:

Malon Vera just beat a retiring Brad Pickett who has one foot out the door. He needs more serious opponents before he can get a top 15 opponent. Franky Saenz would be that perfect opponent even though he is on a three fight losing streak. But because Saenz is a very tough competitor with an impressive record this makes him the right pick. Beating two big names in MMA would definitely put Vera on the map. Franky Saenz

Gunnar Nelson:

This is a tough one as there are several good oponnents for the submission specialist. Donald Cerrone was a high candidate seeing how the two are ranked right next to eachother but this matchup does not appear to be the best one. I believe a match between Gunnar Nelson and Neil Magny would be an exciting one. Magny was able to beat Johnny Hendricks by a controversial unanimous decision at the closing part of last year which makes him a tough opponent to beat. Nelson has the tools to do it though and would love to rise through the ranks fast so this matchup seems like a smart one if Magny doesn’t avoid it like the one with Jorge MasvidalNeil Magny

Alan Jouban:

Another tough selection with all of the great welterweight fighters out there but Jouban needs to go back to the drawing board and face an unranked opponent. At first Alex Oliveira was my pick for him to fight but then I decided that it would not be fair for Oliveira to face another unranked opponent after he has defeated three of them so far. Alex Morono is the next logical choice if he sees himself entering the octagon more recently. He put on a great display in Houston despite losing the contest and would be the perfect opponent for Jouban. This contest would result in fireworks and may make a star out of it. Alex Morono

Jimi Manuwa:

Without question, Jimi Manuwa should be facing the light heavyweight champion after that impressively quick knockout of top contender Corey Anderson. He has a solid case and would love to have a crack at either Daniel Cormier or a rematch with Anthony Johnson. Winner of Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Corey Anderson:

I feel sorry for Corey Anderson. He is an incredible athlete who got caught by an impressive striker. I feel like he deserves a rematch with Shogun Rua but that likely won’t happen. Volkan Oezdemir is a great opponent who just beat Ovince Saint Preux not too long ago. The contest between Anderson and Oezdemir would be a good one because of the rankings the two hold plus their all-around skill set. Volkan Oezdemir

What Happened?

What Happened? (UFC Fight Night: Manuwa vs Anderson)

Another great night of fights have ended when knockout artist Jimi Manuwa faced off against The Ultimate Fighter 19 winner Corey Anderson in London, England. With that said I break down the fights and explain what has happened in The Old Smoke at UFC Fight Night: Manuwa vs Anderson:

UFC Fight Night: Allen v Amirkhani

Arnold “Almighty” Allen defeated  Makwan “Mr. Finland” Amirkhani via Split Decision

As predicted, the fight between Arnold Allen and Makwan Amirkhani was an extremely close contest. Allen was more superior on the feet, however, and was able to secure some crucial takedowns at significant ties during the fight. Almighty has shown great improvements from his last fights especially in his defense. Amirkhani let himself be swept to many times when he shot for his takedowns and missed a lot of his strikes on the feet. Mr. Finland should not be discouraged by this loss however as it was a tight matchup. He should just learn from this fight and continue to progress as a fighter. Both fighters shoul be happy with their performances.


Marlon “Chito” Vera defeated Brad “One Punch” Pickett via Knockout/Technical Knockout in Round 3

Brad Pickett showed why he was a legend in British MMA. He came out swinging bombs that stunned Marlon Vera everytime he hit him. His takedown accuracy was on point as he was able to change levels almost instantaneously. I believed that Vera was going to be able to secure a submission in the fight but he never even attempted a takedown. It looked like the hometown hero, Pickett, was going to end his career with a decision win when the final round came. Chito instead showed why he kept the fight on the feet when he landed a perfect high kick that dropped One Punch and followed it up with a few unanswered shots to spoil the night for the British. I knew Vera had it in him to win the fight, but nowhere did I predict a knockout win of that caliber for him. It definitely deserved performance of the night honors and it closes the chapter on one career but opens a new one for a young rising star.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Nelson vs Jouban

Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson defeated Alan “Brahma” Jouban via Submission in Round 2

Gunnar Nelson was underestimated by me when making my predictions for this bout. I believed he relied on his submission offence and was going to have a bad time dealing with a Muay Thai specialist in Alan Jouban. However, Nelson proved me wrong when he hurt Jouban with a right hand that pierced his defence. Gunni then secured a guillotine choke for the victory. It was unbelievable to see as I never would have predicted Nelson being able to beat Jouban on the feet. Brahma did show promise though as he he employed a smart strategy by kicking Nelson’s lead leg that he extended very far forward until it was kicked. He also defended a takedown attempt or two. Both fighters are still young and have an immense amount of talent that will surely take them places. Nelson could be cloingg in on a title show if he stays active more.


Jimi “Poster Boy” Manuwa defeated Corey “Overtime” Anderson via Knockout/Technical Knockout in Round 1

I said there wa no question when I predicted this fight that Jimi Manuwa was going to be able to knockout Corey Anderson in the first round and, although Anderson showed great head movement, it only took Manuwa one good punch to make Overtime go to sleep. Poster Boy has shown why he should get a title shot by constantly knocking out whoever is put in front of him and Anderon was no exception. Corey Anderson will have to do some reflection because he has hit a huge roadblock in the light heavyweight division in the shape of Jimi Manuwa.