Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather: What’s the point?

Recently former UFC Featherweight and current Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor uploaded a video to his instagram of him training boxing by sparring with his teammate Artem Lobov at SBG Ireland.

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Boxing at SBG

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This had sparked up (again) the ongoing debate about whether or not him and Floyd “Money” Mayweather are going to have a boxing match sometime in the future. The two have traded verbal jabs at one another and a showdown may be on the way. It does seem like a match that needs to happen at this point. However, many seem to ask themselves “what’s the point?” Obviously these two are looking to make a massive amount of money for the fight, but what should the fans expect? Is it going to be entertaining? If you enjoy seeing The Notorious beaten and embarassed (more than he did at UFC 196) then this is the PPV for you to throw your money at.

Conor McGregor’s stamina played a huge factor in his loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196

McGregor’s boxing is good for a UFC fighter, but in the pro boxing world his skills would not allow him to last twelve rounds with most boxers. His cardio was exposed when he fought Nate Diaz in a 15 minute contest. Boxing matches can go on for more than twice that length. There have been many legendary boxers who said they were going to beat Mayweather (such as Manny Pacqiao, Oscar De La Hoya, and Canelo Alvarez) and none of them were able to deliver. The only people who actually believe McGregor has a chance are his die-hard fans that continually worship him throughout his career. This will not even be a fair contest as Floyd Mayweather would dominate Mystic Mac until he hits the canvas.


Stipe Miocic vs. Junior Dos Santos 2 is official for UFC 211 in Dallas

The UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic, will face off against a familiar foe in Junior Dos Santos at UFC 211 in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The decision to place Dos Santos in a title match when there are three other contenders that are ranked higher has sparked up a bit of controversy. Let’s discuss why “Cigano” was picked for the matchup over his competition. Alistair Overeem is ranked right above JDS and had recently failed in his opprtunity (although he was close) to capture the illustrious title. Overeem is set to face Mark Hunt at UFC 209 which would undoubtedly keep him from challenging for the title a second time for the time being. In additon to that, a fighter getting a rematch just after failing to secure the title does not make a whole lot of sense for a main event fight.

Stipe Mioci disposed of Alistair Overeem in the second round to retain his UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Not even Chael Sonnen got an immediate rematch against Anderson Silva after almost handing “The Spider” his first loss in the UFC. Ranked number two on the heavyweight contenders list is Cain Velasquez who was set to face the number one ranked contender but had to withdraw due to injury. Velasquez’s leg injury may be too much for the former heavyweight champion to compete right now which is why he was not considered for the fight. Plus, the guy ranked above him is much more deserving of a title shot. Fabricio Werdum is the number one contender for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He lost the belt to Miocic back at UFC 198 in Brazil. After the loss Werdum would go on to win his next bout against Travis Browne at UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio. A lot of times the UFC would give an immediate rematch to champions that lost their belts (such as Ronda Rousey). But more often than not, the UFC would have the former champion work his way to a rematch. This is evident by the fact that fighters like Jon Jones and Rafael Dos Anjos, who were dominant in their divisions, did not get immediate rematches. Werdum did go on to claim the number one contender spot and seemed like the most likely canidate to face Miocic in Dallas. However, the UFC loves to find the best matchup they can and would ignor the rankings for the biggest draw and most interesting fights. Most recently this happened when Cody Garbrandt skipped several ranked bantamweights to dethrone Dominick Cruz and claim the UFC Bantamweight Championship.

UFC 207: Cruz v Garbrandt
Cody Garbrant skipped several top bantamweight contenders to fight for and capture the UFC Bantamweight Championship.

Although it was ridiculous to see that occur, the fight was amazing and Cruz got the toughest fight of his life. The UFC probably thinks that this is the more exciting fight and would give a fresh matchup and challenge for the champion. The heavyweights usually put on a huge show and they say that everything is bigger in Texas. Dallas should get a treat when these two meet. Hopefully Dos Santos vs Miocic can bring us that same magic that Cruz vs Garbrandt brought. If it does then there will be no complaints from the MMA community (maybe).


Conor McGregor on Ronda Rousey’s loss: “I don’t celebrate another’s defeat like that”

Conor McGregor recently stated in an interview in Manchester last week what he thought about Ronda Rousey’s loss and how he reacted.

Conor McGregor: “When Ronda lost, I woke up to all these messages. ‘Now let’s see what they do.’ And I’m like, what? I love Ronda, I was always a big supporter of Ronda. Then she loses that second one and people are trying to make me celebrate, ‘now they’ve got nobody.’ That’s a wrong mindset. I don’t celebrate another’s defeat like that. That’s weak. A weak individual does that. People were trying to celebrate when I lost who had nothing to do with it. That ain’t the sign of a champion. That ain’t the sign of a true champion, so I couldn’t believe it.”

Many would assume that McGregor would take joy in Ronda Rousey’s loss due to the fact that he is now the biggest draw in the UFC today. However, McGregor has always been a huge fan of Rousey and was dissapointed like many of her fans when the former bantamweight champion was stopped inside one round against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. Altough this is a class act from the first fighter in UFC’s history to hold titles in two divisions simultaneously, McGregor has blasted other fighters personal lives and family. He would bring up things that had nothing to do with the fight game or him for that matter and would use it just to win a fight. He states that people celebrating somthing that had nothing to do with them are weak yet he continously uses personal subjects such as wife and kids, financial income, and even religion for his own personal gain. Rousey, similarly, bashed Holly Holm before their fight at UFC 192. Her instagram post is featured below:

Her attitude towards one of the most kind and sincere fighters in the UFC is a bit sickening to say the least. Holm has been respectful of Rousey before and after their fight but was denied a glove touch in the moments before their fight. This was why many (including myself) had celebrated Rousey’s loss at UFC 193. She was despicable and tried to ruin the reputation of Holm by throwing shade onto her with her millions of followers. I did feel more sympathetic for her after her second (and more devestating) loss to Nunes. McGregor and Rousey are not too different as McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 was celebrated for the same exact reason people cheered Rousey’s demise. McGregor’s constant bragging of his wealth and arrogant trash talking og other fighters was getting on the nerves of many spectators of the UFC while his loyal fanbase ate it up. Diaz shocked the world when he gave the Irish man his first loss in the UFC. This put McGregor in Rousey’s shoes and can probably attribute to why he refuses to celebrate her loss. He knows that the same can happen to him, especially with Floyd Mayweather being his focus. However, both Rousey and McGregor ate a good helping of humble pie in those fights via a kick and a Stockton slap to the face.

Post-Fight Reactions

UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs The Korean Zombie Post-Fight Reactions

Houston got plenty of excitement on Saturdy night with the return of The Korean Zombie after being roughly three years away from the octagon. Here is my reaction to the main card fights that occured on the February 4th card in Houston, Texas.

Jessica “Bate Estaca” Andrade vs Angela “Overkill” Hill:

This fight to me was the fight of the night with its nonstop action that kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the contest. Jessica Andrade pushed the pace of the fight by constantly pressuring Angela Hill with her fury of strikes. Hill showed that she can take a beating without going down as she was hit with many strikes in all three rounds without going down. Andrade’s offense might have lost its power from exhaustion which would explain why Hill was able to absorb all of her strikes. She was able to land two of her three takedowns during the fight which didn’t lead to anything other than points and added momentum. Hill stunned everyone when she dropped Andrade in the final round and could’ve had a comeback had fatigue not set in yet. In the end the knockdown was not even enough to win her that round as the judges all scored the contest 30-27 in Jessica Andrade’s favor.

Anthony “Freight Train” Hamilton vs Marcel “Maozinha” Fortuna

At first glance this contest looked like an odd mismatch. Anthony Hamilton weighed 260 lbs. and stood at a height of 6’5″ which dwarfed his opponent Marcel Fortuna who weighed only 205 lbs. and had a height of 6’1″. Hamilton started off good with pressure but then got wild with his strikes. His strategy was to brawl Fortuna because he clearly had the power advantage and would have the upper hand if the two swung wildly at eachother. Although Hamilton did open a cut on Fortuna’s brow (due to an accidental headbutt) Fortuna was able to land his right an too often and the final one that hit the top of Hamilton’s skull was the one that would put his lights out in the first round. This shows that weight and height don’t mean a guarantee win in MMA.

Ovince Saint Preux vs Volkan Oezdemir

This matchup looked exciting at first but became painfully dull due to Ovince Saint Preux (OSP) constant running and refusal to give much offense. This was a worry of mine after seeing OSP’s last two fights against Jon Jones and Jimi Manuwa which he lost due to little offense as well. History repeated itself as he lost to Volkan Oezdemir via split decision. OSP attempted four different takedowns which would have put him in his favorable environment had he land any of them. His best came at the end of the third round when he stunned Oezdemir with a furry of strikes but it was too late to get a finish. Oezdemir applied great pressure and strikes to win the split decision yet it could have been awarded to either men. I believed at first that OSP would win the decision for he won the second and third round because of his ability to land the more significant strikes against his opponent. They always say not to leave it in the hands of the judges and OSP will hopefully look for a finish in his next fight.

Abel “Killa” Trujillo vs James “The Texecutioner” Vick

Texas native, James Vick, had his sights set on winning in his home state and achieved just that through determination. Vick was able to use his boxing to keep Abel Truijillo a good portion of the fight. There were times when Trujillo was able to close the distance and even get a takedown in the first round. Trujillo really struggled on both the feet and ground. He was getting hit with punches and kicks and got caught with multiple guillotine and d’arce choke attempts during takedown attempts. Finally, in the third round Vick hits Trujillo with a double flying knee to the face which hurt the fighter and leads him to shoot a takedown that Vick counters with yet another d’arce choke attempt which he is able to finish. It was suprising to see the boxer win via submission until you see that the blue belt in Brazillian jiu-jitsu has four previous submissions before this fight. Vick even added after the fight that his submission move was the same he would do on the EA Sports UFC 2 video game. He’s got a great attitude and a magnificent set of skills that will surely lead to more interesting performances.

Alexa Grasso vs Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig

A controversial fight that many people believe is only on the co-main event spot beacuse both fighters are attractive, especially Felice Herrig who has posed nude as a cover model, ended up being not as interesting as a lot of the fights on this card. The fight between Jessica Andrade and Angela Hill would have made a better co-main event fight than this one as it featured two well etablished fighters that were willing to put on a show. Unfortunately we were forced to watch these two battle it out. Alexa Grasso was the fan favorite in the contest but failed to yield much offense on a consistent basis. Herrig was able to land a pair of takeodwns that would help her win the unanimous decision. This gave Grasso her first lost which came as a shock to her. This may be because Grasso outsrtuck Herrig in both total and significant strikes. The final few seconds of the fight saw Grasso unleashing a fury of strikes that put Herrig in trouble but would prove futile. After the fight Herrig revealed that the day before the fight marked the 25th anniversary of her brother’s death. This motivated her to live a better life and do more in honor of her brother. I believe she silenced many of her critics that stated she was a model first and a fighter second.

Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez vs “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung

The main event was thrilling albeit short. Dennis Bermudez started off great by landing a perfect right on The Korean Zombie. This would hurt The Korean Zombie and lead to him scrambling to stay on his feet. Unfortunately for Bermudez, The Korean Zombie was able to get into his rhythym and go on to put Bermudez to sleep with a well timed uppercut. This would also give him a performance of the night bonus. The biggest concern for Jung was whether or not he was able to come from such a long layoff and beat a top ten contender in his return. Although it seems like he wasn’t able to at first with that scary right hand he ate, he would go on to prove that he is still a dangerous fighter and a top contender in the featherweight division.