Let's Talk About...

Let’s Talk About… Georges St-Pierre’s Next Opponent

Georges St-Pierre is one of, if not, the greatest MMA fighters of all time. His accomplishments in the sport are second to none. Yet he still has interest in coming back for one more fight. His opponent is what remains a mystery. So here we will discuss the possible opponents he may face when, or if, he returns.

The Money Fight:


The first option that comes to mind is the, soon to be former, UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor. This fight would make the most financial sense as GSP would get a substantial paycheck for this fight and would have an opponent that fights at a smaller weight class. Also GSP’s wrestling ability would neutralize McGregor’s striking power in an instant, making this the easiest matchup with the biggest pay for GSP.

The Championship Fight:


The second option for GSP would involve an oppurtunity to reclaim the welterweight title from Tyron Woodley. If he is serious about competing on a regular basis then maybe capturing a championship is the way to go. Stylistically, Woodley would be the toughest matchup for GSP, so this fight might not happen based on that. We all know Woodley wants it, but whether or not GSP takes it comes down to the legend himself.

The Rivalry Fight:


This fight, or fights, could also be considered a money fight. Both Nick and Nate Diaz have proven that they are two of the biggest draws in combat sports today. GSP has already fought Nick Diaz (a rematch wouldn’t be too bad) but has never fought the younger Nate Diaz. Both would be entertaining opponents that would give GSP a decent pay-day while also letting him fight someone who isn’t too small for him. Plus, it could get either Diaz brother to fight again which is always good for both the UFC and the fans.

The Legacy Fight:


Last, but certainly not least, is the most interesting fight GSP can take. Ben Askren is an undefeated welterweight fighter who just recently retired without ever setting foot inside the UFC octagon. He is considered one of the best fighters in the entire world but was never able to get into the UFC due to both parties being unable to come to a deal. Askren has stated that he would come out of retirement to fight GSP in a well deserved super fight. This may give GSP the lowest payday, but this could give him a challenge against one of the most talented fighters that has never fought under the UFC brand.

The Verdict:


So in conclusion, the best option for Georges St-Pierre is going to come down to this: what does he want? If it is money, then he should fight Conor McGregor. If it is pride, then he should fight Tyron Woodley. I personally think he is after the money, just listen to his ‘stock market’ speech, so I bet he would want to fight McGregor. A good alternative would be to fight either Diaz brother. It would not hold up any division and would give both fighters a reason to fight again. Whatever the reason, the UFC seems desperate for big stars so they would love to have GSP back sooner rather than later…or never.

Tuesday Top Ten

Tuesday Top Ten: Matt Hughes Moments

Matt Hughes is one of my favorite fighters of all time. He had everything you could like in a fighter. He finished people; he was humble; and he never relied on his strength to win fights. Above all of that, he is a kind human being that has helped many fighters as both a coach and as Vice President of Athlete Development and Government relations in the UFC. His inspiring comeback this past weekend was nothing short of miraculous so I will take this time to list the ten best Matt Hughes moments in his legendary UFC career. Will limit this to only his time in the UFC.


#10. His fight with Ricardo Almeida

In what would be Matt Hughes’ first fight as a Hall of Famer would also be his last win inside the octagon. It was an impressive win on top of it. Ricardo Almeida was the younger of the two and was an excellent submission specialist due to his lineage. The two started off with very little action on the feet as both were throwing conservatively and Almeida only stuffing a few of Hughes’ takedown attempts. However, out of nowhere Hughes lands a perfect lead left hook that hurt Almeida which Hughes then capitalized on by locking up a front headlock on his opponent. This gave Almeida his first submission loss to one of the all-time greats.


#9. His Retirement

Matt Hughes’ retirement was bitter-sweet. On one hand he was given the opportunity to become Vice President of Athlete Development and Government relations in the UFC but on the other hand it meant we would never see Hughes fight again. This short press conference moment started with Dana White giving an emotional speech about his trust and friendship with Matt Hughes and then ended with Hughes giving thanks and accepting his new position that would allow him to stay with the UFC.


#8. The Ultimate Fighter

Not every moment on this list is going to be great as fighters tend to have ups and downs in their careers. Hughes coaching on The Ultimate Fighter was questionable as only two of his eight fighters won the opening round. And though those two were able to make it to the finals of the whole thing, you can bet his constant push of Christianity on his fighters didn’t sit well with many viewers at home (or his rival coach on the show, Matt Serra). When the two finally faced off at UFC 98, Serra was able to knockdown his opponent in the opening round (with help from an unintentional headbutt). Hughes, however, was able to survive and use his wrestling to dominate the rest of the fight and score the unanimous decision victory over his rival.


#7. His Hall of Fame Induction

Being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame is one of the greatest honors a MMA fighter can obtain. Matt Hughes’ induction was special, especially since he was still a competitor in the UFC. He gave an amazing speech and remained humble like he has done throughout his entire career:

I never thought about this, to be honest – I’m just a Midwest guy kinda living the dream. But I’m very privileged and I thank the UFC. Shaking hands, signing autographs, being a world title holder and being inducted into the Hall of Fame, this is beyond what I ever would have pictured my life being.”


#6. His fight with Royce Gracie

At the time, this fight was the biggest super fight the UFC had produced. Two legends in their own eras battling out with nothing on the line except bragging rights. In the fight, Matt Hughes was able to take Royce Gracie down using his strength and wrestling skills. Gracie tried to get something going for him but was completely overwhelmed by Hughes who was able to mount his back and rain punches for the victory.


#5. His return

This was an emotional moment in UFC history as Matt Hughes was able to return home after a train collided with his truck in a scary incident that left many wondering whether he’d come out ok. But a ‘Country Boy Can Survive’ as Hughes walked down to the octagon with claps and cheers from everyone in attendance (including Dana White) and millions of viewers around the world. He even wore a shirt of his teammate’s name, Robbie Lawler.


#4. His fights with BJ Penn

This is widely regarded as one of the best trilogy fights ever. The first fight with BJ Penn saw Penn upsetting Matt Hughes by submitting him in the very first round to win the UFC Welterweight Championship. Hughes would then come back with a vengeance as he was able to TKO Penn in the third round after a back-and-forth battle. In the third bout, Penn would win the rubber match by taking out Hughes with punches in just 21 seconds! Hughes may not have won the trilogy, but he gave it his all and made all fights as entertaining as possible.


#3. His fights with Georges St-Pierre

Another trilogy that Hughes did not win was also a memorable part of Matt Hughes career. In the first fight, Georges St-Pierre pushed the pace to capture the gold but was submitted by Hughes in the final second of the first round. GSP shot back by knocking out Hughes in their rematch and capturing the title from Hughes. Finally they had one more title fight which saw GSP turning the table on Hughes by submitting him with an armbar. Each one could be considered a super fight and were instant classics of Matt Hughes collection of fights. And just like his fight with BJ Penn, Hughes showed great heart and will in all three bouts.


#2. His first UFC title win (against Carlos Newton)

Possibly the most famous slam knockout in UFC history belongs to Matt Hughes when he faced off against then Welterweight Champion Carlos Newton. In the second round of this title fight, Hughes was able to take Newton to the mat with a well executed takedown. He soon found himself locked up in a triangle choke that looked to be on tight. Hughes, being as crafty as he was, lifted Newton up (almost as if to do a WWE powerbomb) and brought him towards the cage. Soon after Hughes sent Newton crashing down to the mat which knocked him out clean. Initially Hughes had no idea he had just one. It will forever go down as one of the craziest and astounding knockouts in UFC history


#1. His first fight with Frank Trigg

In what is considered by many to be the greatest fights of all time, Matt Hughes defended his title against heated rival, Frank Trigg. The two combatants were locked up on the cage when Trigg hit Hughes with an unintentional low blow. Hughes, visibly hurt, attempted to stumble away but was chased by a barrage of strikes by Frank Trigg and nearly finished. Trigg secured a rear naked choke that appeared to be the end for Hughes, but to everyone’s surprise, turned into it and was able to reverse position. He then proceeded to do his iconic carry of Trigg from one end of the octagon to the other and then slamming him to the mat. Finally, in ironic fashion, Hughes secured a rear naked choke of his own that finished off the hungry challenger. Hughes’ career had many memorable moments, but this was a moment that would stand the test of time in his truly historic career.

Tuesday Top Ten

Tuesday Top Ten: Possible Dream Fights

Dream fights are becoming more of a reality these days with everyone wanting big money fights. Who can blame them though? They do it because the fans are willing to pay for it. I have selected the top ten possible dream fights that have slim chance of happening but are still possible today. Only rules are that the fights have to be possible and no fighter can be on more than one dream fight. It’s like we are putting together a fantasy match card. So without further delay, here are the best dream fights to make in the UFC today:


#10. Rashad Evans vs. Vitor Belfort

First we have two former UFC Light Heavyweight Champions. Both have some vicious knockouts in the past and are known for their expertise in grappling as well with on being a former NCAA Division I wrestler and both being Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts. They are well past their primes but this could potentially be a close contest due to their will to win.


#9. Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo

This was a dream match back in the day when both men were champions. To me it would still be amazing to see because of their fast paced and high volume striking. I feel Jose Aldo would look to grapple while Anthony Pettis would try to keep it standing. But if does stay on the feet then do not expect Aldo to just roll over. This would be a great fight between two former champions.


#8. Cris Cyborg vs. Amanda Nunes

Here is the only women’s fight on the list. Both fighters have been dominant throughout their career, finishing almost all of their opponents. Both are also champions in their respected divisions. I would have put Holly Holm instead of Amanda Nunes but I am pretty sure that Cyborg and Holm will face each other that it is no longer a dream match and instead is reality. This is a dream match because of the Nunes being unwilling to face Cyborg. Cyborg would clearly have the edge with her frame and impressive winning streak but Amanda Nunes’ hands and Jiu-Jitsu should give Cyborg her toughest challenge yet.


#7. Demetrious Johnson vs. Cody Garbrandt

This is a fight that both fighters have requested but were refused. The magnitude of this fight would be huge. It would be the biggest little man fight in UFC history with both winning streaks on the line as well as a title. The UFC wants TJ Dillashaw to face Demetrious Johnson instead. This is baffling because this fight makes more sense since both are champions. Plus, both are gifted athletes who have impressive striking and great wrestling to make this a barn burner.


#6. Tyron Woodley vs. Michael Bisping

These are probably the two most hated champions in not only UFC today but also in UFC history. Tyron Woodley has the power and wrestling to takeout anyone in his division. Michael Bisping has the reach and size advantage as he is the king of the middleweight division to Woodley’s welterweight division. You can make a case for either fighter but expect many boos to fill the arena if the two meet face-to-face in the octagon.


#5. Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier started his career at heavyweight, where he is undefeated at, and was the form UFC Light Heavyweight champion . Stipe Miocic is the current heavyweight champion who is one win away from having the most title defenses in the heavyweight division’s history. What more needs to be said? If Cormier moves to heavyweight and gains a win or two, he can petition for a title shot in this potential dream fight.


#4. Anthony Johnson vs. Alistair Overeem

Two of the baddest and most scariest knockout artists in the history of MMA going up against each other is what any sane man would want to see. Alistair Overeem may be the bigger fighter, but he has shown that his chin is not hard to crack if you so much as touch it. Anthony Johnson meanwhile has never been finished via strikes except for one time by an eyepoke. This is very unlikely to happen due to Johnson’s apparent retirement and unwillingness to move up weight class. But a fan can dream, right?


#3. Conor McGregor vs. Nick Diaz

Two of the most toxic fighters in UFC history. The press conferences alone would be amazing. Conor McGregor already had a couple of fights with Nick Diaz’s younger brother Nate Diaz, but how would he fare against the older brother who is a former Strikeforce champion? They also have some of the best boxing in the business which would make for a fun fight to watch.


#2. Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar

Here is the fight that is possibly closest to happening. Both are monsters in their divisions, so putting them against each other makes sense. I’ve talked about this fight before in the past so if you want to see that be sure to CLICK HERE. Even though this would be a huge draw, it is not number one on my lift. That goes to two of the greatest of all time.


#1. Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre

Number one on this list if a fight fans have been asking for for many years. The fact that this fight has not happened yet is depressing. These two dominated their division and are known by nearly every fight fan and casual alike. The fight is still possible though with both fighters still competing, but a lot would have to happen for it to come to fruition. I guess in the meantime I will have to just play EA Sports UFC 2 with these fighters instead until then.

What's Going On?

What’s Going On? (August 6th – 12th)

A whole new week means a whole new set of MMA news and events that needs to be discussed by yours truly. So let’s get right into it with some interesting topics for this week:

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to pitch 8-oz gloves for fight to NAC


We discussed last week about these two wanting to fight in smaller gloves. They will finally appear before the NAC and plead their case as to why they should have 8-oz. gloves. I’m surprised by both fighters’ decision as Floyd Mayweather would be giving Conor McGregor a greater chance of beating him and McGregor has stated in his Instagram post above that he does not care which gloves he uses yet he will try to convince a panel as to why they should use smaller gloves. The size difference won’t be that significant as the original size is 10-oz. and MMA gloves are 4-oz. However, this would still make the fight even more competitive (if it ever was to begin one).

Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor sparring session


Paulie Malignaggi has continued to voice his displeasure of Team McGregor after they leaked pictures of his sparring session with Conor McGregor which made McGregor look superior in comparison to Malignaggi. Although I feel he was used negatively in this situation, I think Malignaggi needs to drop it as it is starting to make him look bad and destroying his reputation more than the pictures. In all honesty, we will never know what happened in the sparring session between these two unless footage is release which I doubt would actually happen. McGregor’s team already did something similar with another boxer and was exposed on a twitter video. If we want to see McGregor’s true skills we will have to wait till August 26th.

Cris Cyborg vs. Holly Holm at UFC 217

This is possibly the biggest female fight the UFC can do right now. Both are amazing strikers who can knockout any other competitor in their division. If the fight stays standing then it would be a fun contest to watch. However, Cyborg should be looking to take this fight to the ground to utilize her jiu-jitsu. It would be a fun contest but the fight still needs to be made. Hopefully the UFC will not take forever in making a matchup with Cyborg this time.

Georges St-Pierre signs contract for fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 217

Can we get this fight over with already? Michael Bisping’s title reign is lasting a lifetime because of his inability to fight top contenders. Hopefully whoever wins this bout will face Robert Whittaker next. Also it is nice to see another of Dana White’s lies after he stated that “the boat has sailed” for this fight to happen.

Rose Namajunas poses nude

The Women’s Health magazine ran a “Naked in 3 Words” series with UFC Strawweight Rose Namajunas posing for it. The three words she chose were Cut, The, Shit. I, for one, cannot wait for her to return to the octagon as I feel she could be a tough challenge for the current champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Other News: