What Happened?

What Happened? (UFC 212: Aldo vs. Halloway

Another great night of fights have ended when the UFC Featherweight Champion faced off against the UFC Interim Featherweight Champion in a title unification bout Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now it is time to break down the fights and explain what happened in “Cidade Maravilhosa” at UFC 212: Aldo vs. Holloway:


Erick Silva vs. Yancy Medeiros

This fight started off great for Erick Silva as he was able to go toe-to-toe on the feet with Yancy Medeiros without problem. However, in the second round, although it started off well for him, Silva got caught with a perfectly timed hook from Medeiros that resulted in a knockdown. Medeiros followed it up with some ground and pound and, although Silva seemed like he was going to survive the onslaught by rolling, the referee stopped the contest a bit prematurely. I would have loved to see if Silva would have bounced back had the referee let the fight go on a little longer. In the end Medeiros got the knockout win like I predicted in the second round and I’m happy to see how he progresses as a fighter after this performance. Winner: Yancy Medeiros via Knockout/Technical Knockout in Round 2


Paulo Borrachinha vs. Oluwale “Holy War Angel” Bamgbose

This fight surprisingly did not end in the first round where both guys have had all of their victories in. The first round saw Oluwale Bamgbose leading the charge as he rushed Paulo Borrachinha a number of times with a flurry of strikes. This did not get him the early win like he had hoped for but instead caused him to gas early on. By the end of the first round Bamgbose was breathing heavy. Borrahinha began to lead the striking exchanges in the second round with “Holy War Angel” having to throw some very unusual strikes such as standing hammerfists to even hit his opponent. Bamgbose then threw a lazy kick, as he has been doing the entire fight, that resulted in a slip with which Borrachinha capitalized on by ground and pounding him into a TKO victory. Winner: Paulo Borrachinha via Knockout/Technical Knockout in Round 2

MMA: UFC 212

Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort vs. Nate “The Great” Marquardt

Here was a surprising performance by Vitor Belfort against Nate Marquardt. He was passive throughout all three rounds, only rushing after Marquardt two or three times. “The Great” was able to land a takedown in the first with which he was not able to capitalize on. Marquardt was able to land more strikes and significant strikes in each of the three rounds but was not able to get the decision due to “The Phenom” fighting in his home country. the crowd may have helped him get that win as they were cheering every one of his striked that lande no matter how hard it hit. I’m curious to see if Belfort retires or not after this fight seeing how he barely won this fight. Winner: Vitor Belfort via Decision


Claudia Gadelha vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

This one I did not see coming. I thought this was going to drag out into deep waters and push these two girls to the limit. But Claudia Gadelha had plans of celebrating tonight and wanted to get this fight over with quickly. She was able to take Karolina Kowalkiewicz down and then lock in the rear naked choke for the victory in the first round. Gadelha has definitely solidified her position as the second best strawweight in the UFC but I’m sure she would like to become the number one best in the division. As for Kowalkiewicz, I do hope she comes back with a better takedown defense and possibly ground game after this because this was a harsh lesson as to how grappler vs. striker contests go down. Winner: Claudia Gadelha via Submission in Round 1



José Aldo (c) vs. Max “Blessed” Holloway (ic)

This fight showed great performances by both fighters. José Aldo took over the first two rounds with his speed and his ability to strike from all angles. Max Holloway seemed a bit stiff in the first round but loosened up in the second, even taunting Aldo a bit. Then in the third round Holloway was able to land a beautiful one two combo twice in quick succession on Aldo that dropped the “King of Rio.” Holloway unleashed ground and pound for almost two minutes during which Aldo was trying to survive but any means necessary. It was surprising by how much he was able to survive until he was mounted on his back. Aldo was unable to escape and the fight was ultimately stopped. Both men really needed this win but Holloway was the sole winner of this contest. Many have since been bashing and disrespecting Aldo because of this. I, and Holloway, still see Aldo as the featherweight GOAT regardless of his last two losses. Even Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, and Georges St-Pierre all have suffered defeat. We are now in the “Blessed Era” in the featherweight division and Holloway is accepting all challengers. After this performance, I’m curious to see who will dethrone him (if any) as the undisputed king of featherweights. Winner: Max Holloway via Knockout/Technical Knockout in Round 3


Bellator 180 Press Conference Reaction

Bellator’s New York debut will host an impressively stacked PPV card that will have two title fights and a co-main event and main event that consits of legend in the industry when Chael Sonnen faces off against longtime rival Wanderlei Silva and Fedor Emelianenko faces off against Matt Mitrione (I already talked briefly about these two matchups here). Plus they have one more fight that they plan to announce sometime this week. The two championship bouts include Douglas Lima defending his welterweight title against recently signed Lorenz Larkin and Michael Chandler defending his lightweight title against undefeated prospect Brent Primus. It is a good time to be a Bellator fan and I believe this is the perfect oppurtunity for any UFC fan to check out some of the action that Bellator has going on at Bellator 180 (if you are willing to spend $49.95 for it). The press conference that happened today had all of the fighter, with the exception of Silva who was there live via satellite. Sonnen constantly mocked The Axe Murderer with funny lines that include him broadcasting from behind a bathroom. Silva responded by telling Sonnen to “suck my balls” with a smile on his face. The two have a history that went all the way back to when they were still in the UFC and were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 3. This was actually pretty tame by their stanards but was still hilarious and made the press conference great. The other fighters made respectful comments about their fights and their opponents. Mitrione talked about the kidney stones (24 of them!) he had within him that he had taken care of. It was not weight related he said which was surprising. Hopefully this next fight between him and The Last Emperor stays intact for the love of mankind. Lorenz Larkin made the only other interesting comments when he discussed his transition to Bellator (I also briefly talked about his transition here). He said he was surprised that the promotion gave him a title shot right off the bat. I believe he did indeed earn it because of his high rank in a promotion that alread has far more suprerior talents then the current promotion he is in right now. I think he has a great chance to take the belt in New York. All of the fights are shaping up nicely and the addition of another fight on an already stacked card will lead to me spending money (and possibly making prediction) for this historic Bellator event.

What's Going On?

What’s Going On? (March 19th – March 25th, 2017)

A whole new week means a whole new set of MMA news and events that needs to be discussed by yours truly. So let’s get right into it with some interesting topics for this week:

Ryan Bader and Lorenz Larkin leave UFC for Bellator

The UFC just lost two top ten fighters in Ryan Bader and Lorenz Larkin to business rival Bellator. Ryan Bader stated that he left due to Bellator giving him “one of the better contracts out there, outside of being a UFC champion with pay-per-view points and stuff like that.” He last fought against Ilir Latifi where he knocked out the Swede with a well placed knee. Lorenz Larkin said he decided to leave the UFC partly because he felt disrespected by the UFC when they did not immediately try to resign the welterweight after his contract ran out.

I had a deal on the table (from the UFC), and it just didn’t feel right. My whole reasoning for testing free agency was to see what I was worth and get somebody behind me. I want to feel like an asset to a promotion, and I want to feel like the promotion wants to really drive me and really use me. I’ve made this point a lot of times that I’m ready to work. Anything you can use me for, let me know. I’m here. And it just wasn’t happening for me (in the UFC), so I don’t know if it was just the timing or, just, there was no interest in that. But that’s a big thing that I was focused on.” – Lorenz Larkin

He was instead offered a contract by Bellator and the rest is history. This was a good move by Bader as he was a high level athlete who lost to only the elite in the business. He has come close to reaching the top of the mountain but always fell short when at the peak. Moving to Bellator not only gives him a better pay day but also a greater chance at capturing gold. Lorenz Larkin on the other hand has just made a make or break decision with his move to Bellator. He had won four of his last five fights in the UFC and now has to start over in a new promotion. If he fails and ends up losing then it might signal an early end to a once promising career. However, I believe he has the ability to capture the gold with the skillset he has and this may prove to be a wise financial choice for him if he continues to win fights in Bellator.

War Machine found guilty of assault

Dissapointing news as former UFC and Bellator competitor War Machine was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, and Corey Thomas. The charges are very serious and include sexual assault, batter, and kidnapping. He had a record of fourteen wins and only five losses. A very talented athlete that wasted his life by performing such heinous acts. He is awaiting his sentence which could be life in prison. Hopefully others learn from his mistake and try to only use their fighting skills in the octagon instead of on innocent people.

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

The rivalry between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is intensifying as the two continue to trade barbs back and forth. McGregor appeared at Madison Square Garden and shouted t boxing reporters that he was boxing and thet he would make the whole world eat their words by beating Mayweather ina boxing match. Money has told McGregor many times to clear things up with his boss before fighting him. UFC president, Dana White, did say he would not stop Mystic Mac from battling Mayweather ina boxing match but we all know he would like to be involved in the moneey being made there if he could. Then the (in my opinion) future UFC Lightweight Champion, Tony Ferguson, claimed that there is no way McGregor can beat Mayweather ina boxing match. He more than likely is right, I wrote a whole article that agrees with this, but the hype involved here is going to make this an must-see. Let’s just hope it doesn’t mean McGregor gets to keep that belt if he continues to be absent from the real party.

Bellator 180 in New York

The first ever Bellator event in New York is shaping up to rival UFC 205. Headling the card will be Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva in a grudge match that was supposed to happen in the UFC after they coached against eachother on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3. In the co-main event, Fedor Emelianenko will finally get to face Matt Mitrione in match that should have happened earlier this year but got cancelled last minute due to Mitrione feeling ill hours before the fight. It may have been for the best because now the card for Bellator in New York appears to be capable of becoming a PPV. This is going to be an exciting match full of legend in the sport and will rival and event that the UFC decides to put on this weeken if they decided to do so.

Nate Diaz rants about Dana White

Nate Diaz and Dana White’s rocky relationship is becoming more and more clearer as the Stockton native is voicing his displeasure at some of the things the UFC president is saying. Diaz last fought Conor McGregor in a five round war at UFC 202 which drew the highest buyrate in UFC history, more than UFC 205 which has Conor McGregor and three title fights. He is a huge draw and demands to be paid for the draw that he is similar to Conor McGregor. Dana White and him obviously have different ideas of how much Diaz so be paide and it is getting ugly between the two. This is evident for both Diaz brothers as Nate along with Nick Diaz are healthy and ready to fight for the right amount of money. I, lik many others, love to see the Diaz brothers fight and would pay for a PPV in a heartbeat if they were on it. But I also see the business side of things and why Dana White might not want to pay Diaz all that much. The two have had problems in the past when deciding on how much Diaz should make for a rematch with McGregor. Hopefully they get on the same page like they did then, even though Diaz felt he got screwed by the UFC after UFC 202. Here’s to hoping for better times for the Diaz brothers. They deserve a good payday after all.

Other news: