What's Going On?

What’s Going On? (April 21st – 27th, 2017)

A whole new week means a whole new set of MMA news and events that needs to be discussed by yours truly. So let’s get right into it with some interesting topics for this week:

Al Iaquinta bashes his employers

Based on the tweets above, Al Iaquinta is a tad bit upset that his first round knockout of The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 winner Diego Sanchez was not a performance of the night winner. He took to twitter to voice his displeasures (albeit vulgar) and even went on The MMA Hour to further elaborate that the money does not seem right for him to continue fighting. This is a fine choice for Iaquinta if he decides to quit the fight game because, from I’ve heard, he is a very successful real estate. Plus it is always nice to see a fighter act like the UFC does not own them because they do not own a single person. Everyone is free to take their own paths like Iaquinta has done.

John Dodson says other fighters are ducking him

John Dodson recently defeated Eddie Wineland this past Saturday in a very impressive performance. He says that his ability to finish guys and ability to avoid getting hit while still striking his opponent is a primary reason why guys do not want to fight him. He even name dropped Raphael Assuncao and Alijamain Sterling as two of the fighters who refused to fight him on multiple occasions. If I were the other fighters in the bantamweight division then I would not blame them for wanting to avoid Dodson because he has the ability to embarass you in that octagon. It’s a surefire way to lose any momentum you have real fast. Regardless though, Dodson needs an opponent soon and I still think Jimmie Rivera should face him next (read more about that here) but only time will tell.

Phil Davis replaces King Mo against Ryan Bader at Bellator 180

King Mo has informed Bellator MMA of an undisclosed injury that will force him out of his Bellator 180 showdown with Ryan Bader. Instead, Phil Davis will defend his light heavyweight belt against Bader in the “Big Apple” at Bellator 180. This is going to be a great matchup (even though many see their first bout as a snore fest). I think another title fight is always a plus for me especially since Bellator’s rival had three title fights on their first New York card. This just got me more excited for Bellator 180 and I’m sure to spend any amount of money this PPV.

Frank Mir is unhappy with his suspension

This is just sad. Frank Mir recently stated how he does not like the UFC as much anymore because of the two year suspension he was given for his failed drug test he took back in March.

I don’t think Mir has anyone to blame but himself and at this point he should just retire because two years is a long time when you are already considered old in the division. Heavyweights don’t age well anyways. That’s one reason why none of them can hold the belt for more than two title defenses. Either way, the tests do not lie. Mir is a cheater and should just live with the consequences.

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne get engaged

The couple of Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are getting married. This is sure to keep Rousey out of the cage even longer. Browne on the other hand has suffered defeat in his last three fights. I don’t think anybody is going to miss them for the time being. Good luck with the marriage and have a nice honeymoon. I could use this time to bash on their careers each but that would be in poor sport. so I’ll just leave this here instead:


Other News:


Bellator 180 Press Conference Reaction

Bellator’s New York debut will host an impressively stacked PPV card that will have two title fights and a co-main event and main event that consits of legend in the industry when Chael Sonnen faces off against longtime rival Wanderlei Silva and Fedor Emelianenko faces off against Matt Mitrione (I already talked briefly about these two matchups here). Plus they have one more fight that they plan to announce sometime this week. The two championship bouts include Douglas Lima defending his welterweight title against recently signed Lorenz Larkin and Michael Chandler defending his lightweight title against undefeated prospect Brent Primus. It is a good time to be a Bellator fan and I believe this is the perfect oppurtunity for any UFC fan to check out some of the action that Bellator has going on at Bellator 180 (if you are willing to spend $49.95 for it). The press conference that happened today had all of the fighter, with the exception of Silva who was there live via satellite. Sonnen constantly mocked The Axe Murderer with funny lines that include him broadcasting from behind a bathroom. Silva responded by telling Sonnen to “suck my balls” with a smile on his face. The two have a history that went all the way back to when they were still in the UFC and were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 3. This was actually pretty tame by their stanards but was still hilarious and made the press conference great. The other fighters made respectful comments about their fights and their opponents. Mitrione talked about the kidney stones (24 of them!) he had within him that he had taken care of. It was not weight related he said which was surprising. Hopefully this next fight between him and The Last Emperor stays intact for the love of mankind. Lorenz Larkin made the only other interesting comments when he discussed his transition to Bellator (I also briefly talked about his transition here). He said he was surprised that the promotion gave him a title shot right off the bat. I believe he did indeed earn it because of his high rank in a promotion that alread has far more suprerior talents then the current promotion he is in right now. I think he has a great chance to take the belt in New York. All of the fights are shaping up nicely and the addition of another fight on an already stacked card will lead to me spending money (and possibly making prediction) for this historic Bellator event.