Betting and DraftKings Report

UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Usman Betting and DraftKings Report

Chile enjoyed an action packed show when the UFC came to town. This post will go over the event as well as the betting and DraftKings results to help us understand future bets and DraftKings lineups. Also the Betting and DraftKings Guide for this event will be analyzed to see how well it played out and what changes should have been made so be sure to check it out by clicking on the link below.

Betting Report:

In this report I will be going over each fight result and taking a look at what would have been the wisest bets to make.

Claudio “El Nino” Puelles (+245) vs. Felipe Silva (-315)

The very first fight of the night had an insane comeback from the underdog in this fight. Felipe Silva was dominating the fight and landing heavy shots as I predicted he would on Claudio Puelles. In the final minutes of the third round, however, Puelles was able to catch Silva getting lazy on the ground by locking up a kneebar and getting the submission victory. This was infuriating to watch as Silva was my pick to win and was on his way to do so. Because Silva made a clueless move to go to the ground with Puelles, he ended up losing it all just like that.

Winner: Claudio Puelles via Submission in Round 3

Henry “Bure” Briones (+260) vs. Frankie Saenz (-340)

This fight went as predicted when Frankie Saenz was able to use his striking and wrestling to neutralize Henry Briones. There is not much to say about this fight other than how great Saenz looked. He was able to mix things up by using both his hand speed and takedowns to get the clear decision win. If you followed my advice and parlayed him with anothe sucessful bet or bets then you were on your way to making some easy money.

Winner: Frankie Saenz via Decision

Enrique “El Fuerte” Barzola (-225) vs. Brandon “Killer B” Davis (+175)

Well I said this would be a close one to pick but the oddsmakers were right to make Enrique Barzola the favorite in this fight. Barzola was able to control the fight from the start as he dominated Brandon Davis for the entirity of the fight. My advice was to not bet on anybody in this fight and I think it payed off pretty well.

Winner: Enrique Barzola via Decision

Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez (-205) vs. Humberto Bandenay (+165)

I did not know much about Humberto Bandenay going into this fight and now I know him as the guy who got knocked out due to a vicious slam by Gabriel Benitez. It has been a great couple of fights for Benitez recently seeing that he was able to beat Jason Knight and then get this impressive knockout win. When it comes to the bets for this fight, it was wise to save your money for another fight.

Winner: Gabriel Benitez via Knockout in Round 1

Poliano Botelho (-165) vs. Syuri Kondo (+135)

Poliano Botelho was able to get an awesome finish in record time against Syuri Kondo. She was able to land a body kick early that ended up hurting Kondo and giving her the eventual TKO victory. This was a fight that I advised staying away from due to the unpredictablity of the outcome. I doubt anybody predicted a record finish in this fight.

Winner: Poliano Botelho via Technical Knockout in Round 1

Brandon “The Assassin Baby” Moreno (+115) vs. Alexandre “The Cannibal” Pantoja (-145)

I predicted Brandon Moreno being able to avenge his loss to Alexandre Pantoja in this rematch. However, Pantoja was able to beat Moreno on both the feet and on the ground through just about the entire fight. This pick ended up being a bust but Pantoja may definitely be a good pick later down the road because he looked outstanding in this fight.

Winner: Alexandre Pantoja via Decision

Zak Cummins (-200) vs. Michel “Tractor” Prazeres (+160)

These two fighters exchanged some decent shots on the feet but their grappling was the real battle in this fight. Michel Prazeres was definitely landing the harder shots on Zak Cummins, but when it came to the grappling both guys were pretty evenly matched as they pushed for clinch control and takedowns. Prazeres was my bet to win this fight and I was able to turn a decent profit due to him getting the slight edge in this fight.

Winner: Michel Prazeres via Decision

Vicente “The Silent Assassin” Luque (-210) vs. Chad “The Disciple” Laprise (+170)

I predicted Chad Laprise’s pressure would lead to a victory on his end but it ended up costing him the fight this time around. Both fighters were doing decent standup with Vicente Luque looking like the sharper striker. Near the end of the first round Laprise charged in for a flurry to end the round but was hit with a great counter that turned his lights out. It was an impressive performance by Luque which would make him a pretty decent fighter to bet on in the future.

Winner: Vicente Luque via Knockout in Round 1

Veronica Macedo (+235) vs. Andrea “KGB” Lee (-305)

This fight won fight of the night in what was a pretty entertaining battle. Andrea Lee showed why she was the big favorite as she was able to beat Veronica Macedo in pretty much all areas. That is not to say that Macedo did not deliver any offense of her own but Lee ended up being thee clear winner in the judges’ eyes. It was a smart play to hold our money here because the yield wouldn’t have made it worth it.

Winner: Andrea Lee via Decision

Diego “Pitbull” Rivas (-165) vs. Guido “Ninja” Cannetti (+135)

This was another frustrating bet to lose. Guido Cannetti ended up beating Diego Rivas by decision due to the number of strikes he was able to land on Rivas and his takedown ability. Rivas seemed to have given up in the final minutes of the fight as he showed no urgency to get the finish when he was clearly down on the scorecards. It is incredibly disappointing when a fighter you bet on has no interest in winning the fight anymore.

Winner: Guido Canetti via Decision.

Jared “The Killa Gorilla” Cannonier (+190) vs. Dominick “The Devastator” Reyes (-240)

I predicted Jared Cannonier being able to tee off on Dominick Reyes in this fight due to Reyes being too hittable. That ended up happening but Cannonier’s power appeared to have left him because he was unable to knockout Reyes like he has to opponents prior. Instead, Reyes was able to land a clean uppercut to get the walkoff knockout victory. Cannonier will be a difficult bet to make in the future now that we see his power and chin fading away.

Winner: Dominick Reyes via Technical Knockout in Round 1

Alexa Grasso (+475) vs. Tatiana Suarez (-750)

Tatiana Suarez performed like the true heavy favorite she was in this fight. After she was able to secure a takedown, she proceded to submit the then undefeated Alexa Grasso in the very first round. She will be a great betting option in the future when the odds can give us a much better yield then the one she had in this fight.

Winner: Tatiana Suarez via Submission in Round 1

Demian Maia (+450) vs. Kamaru “Nigerian Nightmare” Usman (-700)

This went about as good as we all thought. Kamaru Usman was able to defend Demian Maia’s takedowns which completely neutralized Maia’s offense. Usman then proceeded to win the fight by decision by just oustriking Maia on the feet. I recommended not betting on this fight due to Usman being such a big favorite, so it seemed like it was a wise choice in the end.

Winner: Kimaru Usman via Decision

Betting statistics:

Here are a few interesting statistics and data that I have garnered for this card when it came to betting:

Upset wins:

Claudio Puelles (+245) def. Felipe Silva (-315)

Michel Prazeres (+160) def. Zak Cummins (-200)

Guido Cannetti (+135) def. Diego Rivas (-165)

Huge favorite wins:

Tatiana Suarez (-750) def. Alexa Grasso (+475)

Kumaru Usman (-700) def. Demian Maia (+450)

Fighters to keep an eye on in the future:

Tatiana Suarez

Vicente Luque

Alexandre Pantoja

Gabriel Benitez

Fighters to avoid in the future:

Jared Cannonier

Diego Rivas

Syuri Kondo

Bets I got right

Frankie Saenz (-340) def. Henry Briones (+260)

Michel Prazeres (+160) def. Zak Cummins (-200)

Tatiana Suarez (-750) def. Alexa Grasso (+475)

Kumaru Usman (-700) def. Demian Maia (+450)

DraftKings Report:

This report will be looking at the value the fighters brought versus their price and how well the lineup I made did overall.

Claudio “El Nino” Puelles ($6,800) vs. Felipe Silva ($9,400)

I drafted Felipe Silva because of his high finishing rate. He ended up losing the fight due to a careless mistake at the end. He managed to get 53 points however which was only 10 less than his opponent that submitted him making this not so bad of a loss.

Winning draft choice: Claudio Puelles with 63 points

Henry “Bure” Briones ($7,100) vs. Frankie Saenz ($9,100)

I recommended not drafting Frankie Saenz even though I predicted him to win. I did not see him getting a finish in this fight which ended up going the distance. Still, he brought a decent amount of points to anybody who picked him (just not as much as his price was).

Winning draft choice: Frankie Saenz with 99 points

Enrique “El Fuerte” Barzola ($8,900) vs. Brandon “Killer B” Davis ($7,300)

I recommended staying away from this fight due to it’s unpredictibility. However, if you picked Enrique Barzola then you were on your way to getting some easy money. Barzola ended up getting the most points out of anyone else on this card.

Winning draft choice: Enrique Barzola with 120.5 points

Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez ($8,500) vs. Humberto Bandenay ($7,700)

I did not have a prediction for this fight also due to it’s lack of information. Gabriel Benitez ended up being a great draft choice in the end, however. He brought some good points for his worth.

Winning draft choice: Gabriel Benitez with 109.5 points

Poliano Betelho ($8,700) vs. Syuri Kondo ($7,500)

Here is another fight I avoided. Poliano Botelho was the victor and ended up getting some good points in this one. Many people slept on Botelho seeing that only 12% drafted her. The ones that did had a decent edge on the competition.

Winning draft choice: Poliano Botelho with 104.5 points

Brandon “The Assassin Baby” Moreno ($8,000) vs. Alexandre “The Cannibal” Pantoja ($8,200)

I did not see a finish in this fight and, just as I predicted, this fight went the distance. Pantoja ended up getting the victory, but since he yielded so little compared to other winners at his price, it was best to avoid this one.

Winning draft choice: Alexandre Pantoja with 75.5 points

Zak Cummins ($8,400) vs. Michel “Tractor” Prazeres ($7,800)

I picked Michel Prazeres to win this fight which ended up being the right choice. The points he obtained though were very little making him somewhat of a poor choice as a draftpick.

Winning draft choice: Michel Prazeres with 69 points

Vicente “The Silent Assassin” Luque ($8,800) vs. Chad “The Disciple” Laprise ($7,400)

Vicente Luque destroyed my draft pick by knocking him out in the first round. Chad Laprise ended up as a bust while Vicente Luque gave anybody who drafted him a decent boost.

Winning draft choice: Vicente Luque with 107 points

Veronica Macedo ($7,000) vs. Andrea “KGB” Lee ($9,200)

Andrea Lee brought some decent points but was way too expensive for her worth. Still she was a better pick than her opponent Veronica Macedo.

Winning draft choice: Andrea Lee with 97 points

Diego “Pitbull” Rivas ($8,600) vs. Guido “Ninja” Cannetti ($7,600)

I thought Diego Rivas was going to be able to get the finish in this fight but instead the opposite happened. Guido Cannetti ended up getting the decision win which got some points which may have been appropriate for his price.

Winning draft choice: Guido Cannetti with 64.5 points

Jared “The Killa Gorilla” Cannonier ($7,200) vs. Dominick “The Devastator” Reyes ($9,000)

The winner of this fight was a definite must have due to both having the ability to get an early finish. I picked Jared Cannonier but Dominick Reyes ended up being the winning pick for anybody who picked him.

Winning draft choice: Dominick Reyes with 110 points

Alexa Grasso ($6,900) vs. Tatiana Suarez ($9,300)

I thought Tatiana Suarez was too pricey for her worth but she ended up getting an early finish and a lot of points on DraftKings. She was definitely worth the price.

Winning draft choice: Tatiana Suarez  with 113 points

Demian Maia ($6,700) vs. Kamaru “Nigerian Nightmare” Usman ($9,500)

Kumaru Usman was my pick to win this main event fight against Demian Maia. He ended up winning the bout by decision but did very little damage to his opponent. He was the most expensive fighter in the competition so him bringing so little makes him a bust.

Winning draft choice: Kamaru Usman with 73 points

 DraftKings statistics:

Here are a few interesting statistics and data that I have garnered for this card when it came to DraftKings:

Fighter with most points:

Enrique Barzola

Winning fighter with the least points:

Claudio Puelles

Worst value fighter:

Felipe Silva

Worst value winning fighter;

Kumaru Usman

Best value fighter:

Enrique Barzola

Sleeper pick:

Claudio Puelles (Only 8.9% drafted him)

Must-have pick:

Tatiana Suarez (51.8% drafted her)

My lineup:

  • ($9,500) Kamaru Usman – 73 FP
  • ($9,400) Felipe Silva – 53 FP
  • ($8,600) Diego Rivas – 21 FP
  • ($7,800) Michel Prazeres – 69 FP
  • ($7,400) Chad Laprise – 6.5 FP
  • ($7,200) Jared Cannonier – 3 FP

Best possible lineup:

  • ($8,900) Enrique Barzola – 120.5 FP
  • ($8,500) Gabriel Benitez – 109.5 FP
  • ($8,700) Poliano Botelho – 104.5 FP
  • ($7,800) Michel Prazeres – 63 FP
  • ($6,800) Claudio Puelles – 113 FP
  • ($9,300) Tatiana Suarez – 113 FP

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