Let's Talk About...

Let’s Talk About… Jon Jones

Bones, the cheat, the GOAT, the biggest waste in UFC history. Jon Jones has been called many of names like these and has been the most controversial fighter in UFC history. His future right now is in question due to his most recent drug test failure (don’t worry, we’ll get to that) so I decided to take this time to discuss the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and former P4P king.



Jon Jones’ personality is probably is least likable aspect. His out-of-cage antics have gotten him into trouble more times than I can count. To list a few: he has had run-ins with the law (multiple times); he has showed off his muscles and abs and then soon failing a drug test (again, we’ll get to that); and he has been disrespectful towards current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier. Jones, however, normally shows respect towards his opponents after beating them (unless you count his first fight with Daniel Cormier). To me, though, this is not enough to like his personality which is why I have it consider it his biggest con.

Fighting Style


We go from the worst part of Jon Jones to the best. Many people consider him to be  the GOAT for a reason, after all. His ability to use his god-given reach and frame to strike his opponents form a distance is quite impressive. His grappling is an underrated aspect as well, however, as he was able to submit Lyoto Machida with a standing guillotine choke. That being said, many people put his career in question due to one little problem…

Drug Use


Two times. Two times Jon Jones has failed a drug test in the UFC. Both times he was scheduled to fight Daniel Cormier when he failed them (coincidence?). In his first drug test failure Jones pleaded that he had taken a tainted Viagra. The Nevada State Athletic Commission was not buying it and gave him a six month suspension. After coming back and beating Cormier in their rematch, he failed yet another drug test for that fight. The verdict on Jones’ fate is still pending but, considering the evidence placed on him, it’s hard to imagine anything short of a year suspension. And no, a polygraph test won’t help anything.

Final Analysis


With all of the previous points being covered, it is time to assess Jon Jones as a whole. Although I think he has remarkable skills in the cage, his actions outside the octagon make me sick to my stomach. And when I saw both of his failed drug tests, I wanted to throw up. I was even willing to forgive him after the first one like many others but he betrayed all of our trust when he decided to cheat. He continuously shows why he is the biggest waste in all of MMA and this, without a doubt, makes him my least favorite fighter in UFC history.

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