New Year, New Blog!

I’m back, ladies and gentlemen! The blog may have gone on hiatus but my love for MMA has not. I have seen every UFC event this year despite writing about only half of them. I plan on being more active this year and will make it my goal to keep pouring out fresh new  content each and every week. This will be my New Year’s Resolution. If you do not remember the schedule then have no fear as I got you covered below. Expect the first blog to be up this Saturday. Thank you very much and here is to an awesome new year for MMA. It’s good to be back!

Tuesday – Tuesday Top Ten

Weekly top ten lists of everything MMA. These will be ranked by myself and peers as we look to countdown the best and worst that MMA has to offer. The lists will be made based on recent happenings and events.

Wednesday – Let’s Talk About…

Old fashioned blog post where I discuss, debate, and possibly rant on subject matters and fighters that are causing a stir in the MMA world. If people are talking about it then I am likely to write about it.

Thursday – What’s Going On?

Your weekly MMA news recap of all things that have happened in the week. I will also give short commentary on each piece of news as I see fit. Basically like a bunch of mini “Let’s Talk About…” merged into one awesome post.

Day before UFC event – Who You Got?

Predictions on UFC events the day before they happened. If you want to know who is going to win then I suggest you read my blog for who I think will come out on top (and how) and what are the odds for the underdog to pull an upset.

Day after UFC event – What Happened?

Missed the event? No problem! I’ve got you covered with this super sweet recap with an added two cents by yours truly. I will also showcase how accurate my predictions were from the “Who You Got?”

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