Brand New Schedule

To those of you who follow the site, you may have noticed a lack of activity here. I have been on a short hiatus from writing articles to focus on school and such. This hiatus ends now as I will continue to write opinion peices on MMA events, news, an fighters. I have created a schedule that will be followed (subject to change of course) as much as possible. Here is the schedule below:

Sunday (day after UFC event): What Next? (Discussion on the future of fighters as well as matchups they should be placed in)

Monday: What’s Going On? (Weekly recap)

Tuesday: None

Wednesday: None

Thursday: They Said What? (Quotes from significant people in MMA as well as reactions)

Friday (day before UFC event): Who You Got? (Preview of UFC event as well as prediction and picks)

Saturday (day of UFC event): What happened? (Event recap)

All week long: Opinion pieces and debates on MMA news and stories

Of course not every Saturday will host a UFC event so the schedule will change from time to time as I will loosely follow it. If any week does not hold a UFC event then other articles will replace the scheduled articles that required a UFC event. This schedule helps keep things organized for me in the future and if it is replaced then I will make another article containing the new schedule. Thank you so much for supporting the blog and I look forward to making more content!

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